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Since 1990, Burbank Machinery Movers have served a large variety of industries while providing personalized care for each customer, including but not limited to, moving large machines individually or entire shop relocation. Our riggers are extremely experienced, and assess each project beforehand while providing industry expert advice on accomplishing the move in a timely and safe manner.
The printing industry has relied on our services for many years. We handle all presses, cutters, folders, and other crucial printing machinery. CNC shops as well as manufactures call us regularly to move lathes, mills, and a variety of other equipment.
Our services don’t stop there; we specialize in moving scientific equipment as well. Burbank Machinery Movers takes pride in moving sensitive laboratory equipment. We guarantee all laboratory equipment arrives at its destination safely with minimal impact to the efficiency. We palletize, crate, strap, and/or shrink-wrap every machine to protect them throughout the entire moving process.
Call us if you are looking for a small, local friendly company specializing in safe, reliable, and low-cost transportation for all your machinery and large load moving needs. We offer our quotes in writing!

  Industries we serve:

Printing equipment

Wood, stone & metal works

Scientific labs

  • Power Generation
  • Aerospace Contractors
  • Machine Tool Distributors
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage Plants
  • Theme Parks
  • United States Government
  • Electric Transformers
  • Machine Tool Manufacturers

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